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At FRESH +, YOU decide what goes in your salad, and we’ll put it together for you. The base of your salad is our signature lettuce mix, offering a good balance of juiciness, crunch, sweetness and a little bitterness. To the lettuce mix we add on the ingredients you fancy and choose on the day. We have around 60 ingredients to choose from. You then select your salad dressing, that we mix with your lettuce mix and ingredients. Our salad dressings are all made at the shop, using fresh ingredients. Voila! Your salad is now ready and the last thing is for you to enjoy its taste and freshness. You can also choose one of our Favourite Salads, made daily at the shop.

Quality control: The selection of our vegetables and salad products is very rigorous. Products are systematically checked upon arrival at the shop. At FRESH + quality and freshness are an obsession that allows for no compromise.