Coffee and Fresh Juices


We have recently introduced a new range of affordable and deliciously fresh fruit juices and fruit chunks trays, priced from as low as $4. They are made with premium ripe fruit and juices are bottled every morning. They will be a great complement to your salad or sandwich.

Delivering a great coffee into your cup needs 3 things: good beans, good roasting and good know-how. Sounds easy? Read the following.

Good beans and roasting: At FRESH + we only buy premium 100% Arabica beans that have been carefully selected for their ability to create a full body coffee. The beans are roasted in Singapore to achieve minimal aroma loss following the roasting process, and delivered to FRESH + shortly after roasting. Our roaster is a leader in quality and technology in Singapore.

Good know-how: How many times have I seen baristas not applying the 12kg of tampering pressure, allowing the milk to go over the burning temperature, grinding coffee hours in advance of making it, and committing what we at FRESH + consider as cardinal sins! A poor technique using good beans will give at best an average coffee. At FRESH + our baristas have been individually trained to make sure you get the best out of our premium beans. Grinding is done immediately before making the cup of coffee, and all other requirements are meticulously applied to ensure all of the coffee aroma and body goes in your mouth and nowhere else!